The Reykjavík City Card

Reykjavík City, the capital of Iceland, is an interesting town. Little enough to have a small-town charm, and yet big enough to have a vibrant cultural scene, with museum, cultural festivals and concerts ongoing pretty much throughout the year.

The Reykjavík City Card is a great way to experience Reykjavík for less. It includes free entry to all of the public museums, public swimming pools, the city bus and the ferry to Viðey island. It also offers discounts on private museums, select restaurants, tours and stores.

The Reykjavík City Card is available in 24, 48 and 72 hour increments, depending on how long you need it for, and is available for children as well as adults.

For a comprehensive list of what’s included in the card, please consult the city card website.

Reykjavik City Card

Select the Reykjavik City Card that suits your needs:

72 Hour Card


48 Hour Card


24 Hour Card


The Reykjavik City Card Map

You can toggle on the places that offer discount with the card in the menu (top left corner).


  • The card is valid for a given number of hours, so for instance if you don’t start using a 24-hour card till the afternoon, you will be able to use it the following morning as well.
  • Available: All year, every day
  • How does this work? You order your card here, and then you drop by our office on Tryggvagata 11 when you arrive to pick up your card.
  • Note: A lot of museums are closed on mondays

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