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Saga Fest 2015

5 Acts to look out for at SAGA FEST 2015

Saga Fest 2015 is an upcoming music-and-arts festival which focuses on community, sustainability and collaboration, and What’s On is very proud to partner with them to arrange transportation to and from the festival and offer special prices on select tours for festival goers.

What will happen at Saga Fest is that around 600 people will gather in an open area in the south of Iceland, camp out and create something beautiful together, musically, artistically and communally. The music part of it focuses on innovative Icelandic up-and-comers, particularly of the experimental/electro/indie variety.

There are some big names such as Sísý Ey, dance/electro/song group best described as “live house music,” which has played festivals such as Iceland Airwaves and Sónar in Barcelona 2013.

Vio is another familiar name to Icelanders, the winners of the 2014 Músíktilraunir battle of the bands (a big, big deal in Iceland). They’ve played at the Iceland Airwaves festival, in Germany and the Netherlands as well as having taken over the radio waves of Iceland basically immediately since 2014. I would describe their sound as a grounded ‘classic rock’.

But perhaps even more exciting are the more underground groups such as Ylja with their acoustic country/indie vibe.

Or Kippi Kaninus which can best be described as an experimental, rhythmic, acoustic post-rock group with brass elements, and no we are not just throwing random words together purple monkey dishwasher.

Lord Pusswhip is another one to look out for – electronic hip-hop music and a distinct 80’s aesthetic.

And that’s just a teaser, not even bringing up the jolly electro-synth of Robot Koch, the delightfully melodic, mellow indie-folk sound of Brynja & Ósk, or the experimental electro sound of Kira Kira. There really is just an incredible flora to be seen, and something for everyone. For a more complete list of bands playing the festival please see the Saga Fest website.

This is all in addition to different kinds of immersive art experiences such as wind sculpture, graffiti/mural art, free form dance and poetry; community building initiatices such as bonfire storytelling, bring-your-own-instrument jam sessions and the gratitude ceremony, not to mention the multitude of workshops ranging from yoga and burlesque to skateboard design and puppeteering.

You can book your ticket for Saga Fest here, and if you’ve already done that, you can book your bus to the festival right here on What’s On!

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