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The 5 Best Things About the Color Run

The Color run will be taking place in downtown Reykjavík this Saturday so get out your running shoes and start warming up your smiling muscles! The Color Run is not your average run, there’s no timers and no winners, you should just be having fun!


The Colors!

The rules of the Color Run are simple, start out in a white t-shirt, reach the goal in all the colors of the rainbow! After every kilometer you run, there’s a color station where you’ll be blasted with a brightly colored powder and you can even get more powder packages if you feel you aren’t quite colorful enough.


The Running!

It’s a Color RUN, so, of course, there’s some running involved, although it may not be quite what you’re used to. You won’t be timed and nobody cares who is the first one to reach the finish line, it’s all about enjoying yourself with your running buddies and all the endorphins the running releases. In fact, the Color Run prides itself on promoting a healthy attitude towards running and an active lifestyle, it’s not about reaching the finish line, it’s about the run itself!


The Fun!

It’s all about having fun! The Color Run is known as the happiest 5 km on the planet because the whole experience is about celebrating with friends, family, whoever else is running with you or just yourself. It’s all about happiness and enjoying yourself, what’s not to love?


The Party!

Even though it’s not about the race, it’s still a great feeling to reach the goal after a 5k run and it’s something to celebrate. TO celebrate with you at the finish line are not only all the other runners, in all the colors of the rainbow, but also Danish DJ, Jean Eric von Baden along with the queen of Iceland himself, Páll Óskar.


The Selfies!

Need a new profile picture on Facebook? Looking to set a new like-record on Instagram? Something to impress people with on Tinder? Head to the color run! Running and partying is going to be amazing and all but we all know the universal truth; pics or it didn’t happen!

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