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Great Soups in Reykjavik

5 Great Soups in Reykjavik

soup_in_reykjavikSoups are always a sensible choice. They’re usually healthy and it doesn’t hurt that most of the time they are among the cheapest options on the menu. Reykjavik is full of exciting restaurants that serve hearty and affordable soups, but where are some of the best soups in the city? Putting this list together was not an easy task since there were so many choices, but we did our homework so we can proudly present to you 5 great soups in Reykjavik when you‘re on a budget.

Kryddlegin Hjörtu

A restaurant that specializes in making healthy and nutritious soups, served with homemade spelt bread, garlic butter and hummus. The salad bar is also a huge attraction. They serve four different kinds of soup each day, and the menu is never the same. Out of all the fantastic soups that they make we would have to say that the salsa soup with chicken is our favourite. It is so flavourful, with just the right amount of spice.

Frú berglaug

The traditional and filling Icelandic meat soup is a classic Icelandic dish that is served in many restaurants in Reykjavik, but the one at Frú Berglaug is by many considered to be the best in the city. The soup contains lamb broth with vegetables and lamb cubes, and it has a great home-made quality to it. The surroundings will take your experience to another level, as Frú Berglaug is one of the cosiest restaurants/cafés in the city. You really must seize the opportunity to try a traditional Icelandic dish while you’re here, and the soup is a fantastic choice.

Svarta Kaffið

Famous for making great soups. In fact they are all so great that we couldn’t decide on just one. The presentation really helps, as all the soups are served piping hot in bowls made of bread, so when you’re finished with your soup you can eat the evidence. Salsa chilli meat soup, Asian curry-coconut vegetable soup, tandoori masala meat soup, tomato soup, asparagus soup, mushroom soup, seafood soup… you name it, they serve it, and they’re damn proud of it.

Noodle Station

Noodle Station has come up with the ultimate recipe for amazing Thai soup. The irresistible combination of dark spicy broth, fried garlic, chilli, spring onion, bean sprouts, rice noodles, peanuts and the meat of your choice might possibly make you want to stay in Iceland forever. The rich flavour will overwhelm your senses and leave you wanting more. This soup has taken Iceland by storm, and rightfully so. The taste is unique, service is quick, surroundings are modest and the staff is super friendly.


Sægreifinn’s main attraction is the rock star of all soups, the lobster soup. This little cup of heaven may look like any other soup, but it is considered by expert travellers and local gourmets to be the best of its kind in the world. The soup is light and tasty and contains suggestions of celery, red bell pepper, tomato, cinnamon, clove, coriander and chunks of lobster. It’s accompanied by a basket of warm bread and creamy Icelandic butter. The world’s best soup is waiting for you in an old green painted fisherman’s hut by the harbour.

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