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5 Reasons Why You Should Get the Reykjavík City Card

If you’re in Reykjavík and can’t wait to explore this amazing city, the first thing you should do is get yourself a Reykjavík City Card. The Reykjavík City Card offers free entry to some of the best museums and galleries in the city. Additionally, it includes access to Reykjavík’s thermal pools. You can also travel unlimited by bus within the capital area, and the ferry to Viðey island is included. To top it all off, it provides discounts on tours, in selected shops and restaurants, and other services. The card is available for 24, 48, or 72 hours.

Reykjavík City Card

Reykjavík City Card

The Reykjavík City Card gives you access to the best museums

If you want to learn more about Icelandic history and culture, going to a museum or two is the way to go. The Reykjavík City Card offers access to Reykjavík’s best museums. Head to the Árbær Open Air Museum to learn more about how Icelanders used to live and to get a sense of how Iceland developed into the country it is today. Check out Reykjavík’s art museums and the National Gallery of Iceland for impressive artworks throughout the ages. Learn more about the fishing industry at the Reykjavík Maritime Museum. Study a Viking longhouse up close at the Settlement Exhibition and learn about Icelanders’ history at the National Museum of Iceland. And there’s more to explore, you can find a complete list here.

Swimming pools are included, too

The Reykjavík City Card gives access to all swimming pools in Reykjavík. These public swimming pools are a luxurious experience, and Icelanders use them frequently. On any given day, you’ll find kids splashing about in the waterslides, teenagers discussing pressing matters of life and love in a quiet spot, and adults getting some exercise in the pool. The most important part of the swimming pool is the hot tub, where people from all walks of life get together and discuss the issues of society, the latest political scandals, and the weather.

Swimming Pool Reykjavík

You can use all city buses for free

Buses are a great way to get around in the city and the Reykjavík City Card gives you free access to all city buses in Reykjavík. The buses are yellow and are run by transportation company Straeto. You can find time schedules and maps on

You can hop on the ferry to Viðey island

With the Reykjavík City Card, you can take the ferry from Reykjavík to Viðey island for free. The island has a long and rich history – for centuries, it was considered one of the best farmlands in the country. It had a monastery, and the oldest stone building in Iceland is situated in Viðey. The island is only 1.7km2 [1mi2] and 32m [105ft] its highest peak, so a tour of the island is perfect for a short walk and a long picnic. The island is also home to interesting works of art, the most famous being Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower, a wishing well emitting a strong beam of light, visible from afar. The Imagine Peace Tower is dedicated to John Lennon’s memory and is lit every year from the day of his birth, October 9, to the day of his death, December 8.


Viðey island

There’s also a Children’s City Card

Admission to Reykjavík’s museums is free for those under 18 years of age; however, there are fees for children on city bus services, swimming pools, the Reykjavík Park & Zoo, and on the ferry to Viðey island. Therefore, for families, there’s the special Children’s City Card, offering access to all the same places as the regular City Card.

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