Nothing screams Iceland in September more than rain and wind, which probably means less hiking and sunbathing for your trip to the North Atlantic island. To us, however, we see opportunities.

So there’s no need for you to worry. We’ve come up with five activities for you to enjoy, unless you’d rather prefer the windy rain? … Of course you don’t.

Rainy day in Reykjavík


This small nordic city will keep you covered, whether it’s art, history or science. For museums, we recommend the Volcano House or Reykjavík Art Museum. It has three locations, Hafnarhúsið, Kjarvalsstaðir and Ásmundarsafn and purchasing admission to any one of these automatically grants you access to the other two. Archaeology buffs could also check out the Settlement Exhibition in Aðalstræti.

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5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Reykjavík


It’s strange how coffee became such a staple amongst the Icelandic community, seeing as coffee beans don’t grow here. Regardless, it has helped local people survive the dark, winter mornings, with a ton of busy coffee houses all over Reykjavík. Sitting inside, enjoying a nice hot drink and cake beats getting wet in the cold rain outside anyway.


Drive Around

No really, it’s a favourite pastime of Icelanders all over. Grab some ice cream (who says it’s only reserved for summer days?), get your Spotify playlist ready and start cruising. Drive around the entire city area, through the central area, all the way to Seltjarnarnes peninsula and all the way to Hafnarfjörður and even beyond. All the while avoiding cold toes and grumpy moods at the same time!

5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Reykjavík


No, bear with us! All the Icelandic swimming pools are geothermally heated, having the colder weather provide you with a welcome, cooling contrast. Swim a few laps in the large pool, and proceed to a toasty hot tub. There’s no better place to have a political chat with the locals!


See a movie at Bíó Paradís

Icelanders love going to the movies, and while you can join them at the regular theatres, perhaps you’d rather prefer the more internationally inclined Bíó Paradís theater in downtown Reykjavík. It hosts several film festivals and airs Icelandic movies with English subtitles all year round. It’s also the only cinema in downtown Reykjavík and a great place to keep dry and out of the waterworld outside. They also serve beer.

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