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The Reykjavík Arts Festival 2015

6 things to look out for in The Reykjavík Arts Festival 2015!

One of the many great events of Reykjavik city is coming soon – the Reykjavík Arts Festival 2015! It has so many events to offer; exhibitions and performances throughout the city, Icelandic and international artists combining their superpowers to entertain and enlighten us. So here are some of the events

The Reykjavík Arts Festival 2015
© Marino Thorlacius
Black feathers – opening stage performance

Choreographer Sigríður Soffía connects contemporary dance with the poems of national poet Davíð Stefánsson. When you mix poems and dancing, something very cool must come out of it! And … wait for it … the show will involve live doves!

© Rafael Pinho
Guerrilla girls – A new public project unveiled

Masked feminist do-gooders, need I say more? They will publish a new billboard and, at the end of the festival, do a performance in jungle drag and show their splendid posters. These girls are the coolest, so it’s definitely a must-see!

Peter Eggerz
© Peter Eggerz
Hávamál by Þórarinn Eldjárn and the group – The possible theatre by Danish director Torkild Lindebjerg.

Old norse Viking poems, which are mostly advice on how to live and behave, re-imagined for the theatre. I have no idea if it’s in English or if there are subtitles. Let’s just show up and see. Could be fun either way! Brings us one step closer to the Vikings!

Maya Duniez – Boom Mengi at Reykjavik Arts Festival

This is one one of four events of Mengi culture house. It should be interesting; Solo performance by Maya Dunietz exploring space through airwaves.

“Through voice, piano and a unique projection technique Dunietz plays with layers – layers of sound, image and consciousness. The piece includes an exploration of spirals and loops and deals with the materialization of sound.” 

I have no idea what it means exactly, maybe I’m not artistic enough (yet), but I’m going to find out!

© Luca-dAgostino
© Luca-dAgostino
Jan Lundgren Trio – Swedish Jazz

Because, well, who doesn’t like jazz? Even better- Scandinavian jazz. A perfect opportunity to sit down and unwind or think about the purpose of life to the sweet tunes of jazz piano.

© Rob Ronconi
Peter Grimes – Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera

Some of Iceland’s finest opera singers perform in this concert performance based on George Crabbe’s poem from the early nineteenth century. Great for opera fans, or even wanna-be opera fans.

I’m going to check out these events and many others, so join me on this trip towards culture! As my colleagues at What’s On and I sample the different events of the festival, we’ll keep you posted on

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