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What's On Magazine - April 2014

April in Iceland (2014)

14AprApril marks a true turning point for all Icelanders. It’s basically the last month where you really expect it to be wintertime and once you’ve got that out of the way, you can look ahead, hopeful and optimistic, awaiting the mirth of summer.

That’s not to say April is just something to get out of the way. There’s loads of interesting and fun stuff happening in April.

To begin with – the Saga Museum, which has now been closed for a couple of months, re-opens in a new location (Old Harbour) on the 5th of April. That’s cause for celebration for many people – as it is really a very interesting exhibition.

Another big happening is the Reykjavik Blues Festival – an annual celebration of blues, joining all the best bluesheads of Iceland, with some renowned musicians from abroad. This year’s highlight includes Victor Wainwright, whom you really should look up and check out. The Festival is held between the 12th and 17th of April, at the Hilton Nordica and promises to be packed with amazing artists and a lot of fun.

Lastly, Easter is on in April. In Iceland, Easter more or less means chocolate filled eggs – many of which are scattered throughout town for people to seek. It’s nice and fun and everyone is relaxed about it, just make sure you’ve done all the shopping you wanted to do on Saturday before Easter – because more or less everything will be closed both Sunday and Monday.

So. All in all – you’re in Iceland and odds are you won’t be here that often, so make sure to truly enjoy your stay. It’s a beautiful country and there are plenty of things to do – so experience it. Live it. And have a good time!

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