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Askasleikir – The sixth Icelandic Yule Lad to come to town

jolasveinar-whatson-askasleikirTonight, Askasleikir (Bowl Licker), the first of the thirteen Icelandic Yule lads, will come to town! Have you been naughty or nice? Will you get candy or a potato?

In the old days, Icelanders ate their food from a lidded wooden bowl called “askur” with everyone having their own separate one. This old fellow would creep in, sometimes hide under the bed, and then snatch the askar whenever they were put aside, licking their insides clean. Since most people have upgraded to plates, he probably has too, but still keeps his name, for old times sake.

Read about all the Icelandic Yule Lads and their extended family here.

Illustration by Elín Elísabet Einarsdóttir

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