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The Best Places to Watch Sports in Reykjavík

Game on! Does drinking a couple of beers while watching a game sound good to you? Then do read on. In this article, we will tell you where you can find the best sports bars in Reykjavík. In the mood for live sport games? We will also tell you where you can watch local games.

Sport Bar Reykjavík

Best sports bars

– Bjarni Fel
Bjarni Fel is Reykjavík’s best-known sports bar, located in downtown Reykjavík. It has 20 HD smart tv’s and 5 HD projectors that show 8 different sports from over 1800 channels. Next to regular games, they show events like Super Bowl Sunday and the Ultimate Fighter Championships. It offers a sport menu with small courses, Icelandic cuisine and Icelandic beers.

Sports Bar Bjarni Fel

– O’Learys
At the end of 2017, the Swedish sports bar chain O’Learys opened their first bar and restaurant in Iceland. It’s located inside the Smáralind shopping centre in Kópavogur, a city next to Reykjavík. Keep your eye on their online schedule to know what games they are showing on their 40 tv’s. They have a extensive food menu, from small courses to burgers, ribs, quesadillas, salads, steaks and desserts.

– Ölver
Ölver is the oldest sports bar in Reykjavík, as it opened in 1984. It’s located about 4.5 kilometres outside of the downtown area, so you are more likely to encounter local sport fans here than in some of the bars downtown. In total they have 5 widescreens and 20 tv’s. On their website you can see what games they are showing each day. They offer a simple but decent menu consisting of burgers, pizza and beer.

Sports Bar Ölver

– The English Pub
The English Pub shows all major sport events, like the English Premier League, on big screens. It has 6 full HD screens and 2 HD tv’s. It’s located in the middle of downtown Reykjavík, with outdoor seating facing Austurvöllur square. They offer 10 different beers on draught and a good selection of whiskey. Additionally, there’s live music every night from 22:00.

The English Pub Reykjavík

– Lebowski Bar
Lebowski Bar is not a sports bar in the traditional sense of the word, but they do have 4 good tv screens and show the most important games. And what they lack in number of screens, they make up for in atmosphere… and White Russians. Their drinks menu includes more than 20 different kinds of White Russians!

– Ingólfstorg
Ingólfstorg is a square in downtown Reykjavík, so this is not a sports bar, but it’s definitely a good spot to enjoy an exciting game while enjoying a drink or two. Usually, when Iceland is part of a football championship, a big screen is put up there. Hundreds of locals and tourists gather around the screen to watch the game together and this is a lot of fun. It’s probably the best spot to watch a game when Iceland is playing internationally.


Best spots to watch local games

– Laugardalshöll
The best place to watch local games and competitions is Laugardalshöll, a large indoor sporting arena of 20,000 square metres and with a capacity of 11,000 people. It consists of 5 sports halls for all kinds of sports, from weightlifting to ballet to golf. It hosts various major sport events, such as handball games, basketball games, volleyball games and athletics competitions.


– Laugardalsvöllur
Close to Laugardalshöll, there is the stadium where the national football team of Iceland plays its matches. The tribune has 9,800 seats, and when an official game is happening, it’s usually sold out quickly.


– Egillshöll
Egillshöll is the biggest sports and entertainment centre in Iceland, consisting of 24,000 square metres. It has an ice skating rink, exercise rooms, and halls for karate, tae kwon do, gymnastics, aerobics and ballet. There is a large indoor football field that is 120 metres long, 90 metres wide, and 20 metres high. It has a tribune that seats up to 2000 people, and different national and international football matches are organised there.

– Laugardalslaug
Laugardalslaug is an Olympic size swimming pool with swimming lanes of 50 metres long and good public tribunes. Both the inside pool and the outside pool are used for competitions. Contest like the Nordic Championship Swimming and the Nordic Open diving competition are held there.


– Tennishöllin
If you want to see local and international tennis talents play, head to Tennishöllin in Kópavogur, where lots of tournaments are organised, like the Wow Air Open joined by 200 people from all over Europe. Tennis enthusiasts are always welcome to come watch.

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