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Beyonce and Jay-Z in Iceland

Beyonce & Jay Z’s Iceland Adventure

Beyonce and Jay-Z in Iceland

Beyonce Knowles needed an awesome surprise for her husband Jay Z’s 45th birthday on December 4th. He must be a pain to shop for since, surely, if he doesn’t have everything, he could get almost anything he could ever want. So what did Beyonce get him? Why, a trip to Iceland of course!

The multiple-Grammy-award-winning superstar recently published a series of candid photos on Instagram and her website, of their time in the little island in the North which includes ice sculptures and champagne, a helicopter, snowmobiles, waterfalls, snow-angels and of course dipping in the Blue Lagoon.

They are rumoured to have stayed at the ‘Trophy Lodge’, about which there’s precious little information to be found online, but then, I imagine that’s the idea. )

Their holiday here seems fitting since they arrived just a few days after Forbes magazine chose Iceland as one of the top 10 coolest places to visit in 2015.

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