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Brunch in Reykjavík

The Best Brunch Places in Reykjavík Right Now

Read our new guide to the best brunch in Reykjavík, last updated in January 2023.

It’s almost weekend! What better way to celebrate the weekend than going for a long brunch with friends? In Reykjavík, you can find a lot of great brunches. Whether you’re looking for a green brunch or a hearty buffet, we will tell you where to go.

Brunch in Reykjavík

Best brunch buffet

Let’s start with the best brunch buffet. The most popular brunch buffet is probably the one at Slippbarinn on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 till 15:00. You can choose between almost 20 dishes, and juices and coffee are included in the buffet. Tomato soup with fresh bread and pesto, waffles with syrup and chocolate syrup butter, yogurt, fresh fruits, gratinated eggs, smoked salmon, corn dogs, tiramisu, the list goes on and on! Take your time to assemble the perfect brunch platter and wash it down with a mimosa or two. With 3,790 ISK per person, it’s not the cheapest brunch in town, but it’s free of charge for children under six years old.

Brunch Slippbarinn

Best a la carte brunch

A visit to Coocoo’s Nest is a must when you’re brunching about town. This little boutique bistro is a bit hidden away in the Grandi area, but this doesn’t stop people from flocking there in great numbers. As many people have discovered their amazing brunch, be sure to show up early to get a nice spot. They serve scrambled eggs with basil pesto and bacon, breakfast burritos, blueberry pancakes and of course the usual suspects like Bloody Marys and mimosas to go with it. More centrally located is Snaps, Hótel Óðinsvé’s restaurant. They have no less than seven egg dishes on their menu, including Eggs Norwegian, Eggs Benedict, omelettes, and poached eggs. Next to this, you can choose between several salads and sandwiches, steaks and pancakes, and seven tasty brunch cocktails.

Brunch Snaps

Best brunch to soothe hunger pangs

You’ve just woken up and you notice one thing: you’re so hungry, you could eat a horse. If you’re feeling ravenous, make a beeline for Egill Jacobsen on Austurstræti. They offer two generous brunch platters, and also have a nifty build-your-own-breakfast option that lets you pick and mix four breakfast items of your choice. The first brunch platter contains baby potatoes, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, cheese, fried tomato, sourdough bread, fruits, and chocolate butter, served with green juice. The second brunch platter includes scrambled tofu, avocado and hummus, fresh fruits, fried potatoes, baked beans, greens, a bircher bowl, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, pancakes, chocolate butter, and sourdough bread. Food portions are large, so there’s no need to feel peckish for long, and you get all of this for well under 3,000 ISK.

Brunch Egill Jacobsen

Best green brunch

Bergsson, located at Templarasund 3 and Grandagarður 16, offers great brunch options, and one of them is a well-rounded vegan brunch that doesn’t break the bank. This brunch platter consists of chia pudding with berries, avocado, salad, fresh fruits, hummus, baked beans, potatoes, baked cauliflower, homemade sourdough bread and grilled vegetables. Go there for a no-fuss, homey brunch experience. A tad more fancy is the vegan brunch at Hannesarholt. Hannesarholt is a nonprofit organisation serving healthy and fresh food. You find them in the historic home of the late Hannes Hafstein, Iceland’s first prime minister. During weekends they offer an abundant brunch, consisting of scrambled tofu, mushrooms, onions and bell pepper, eggplant-bacon, hummus with walnuts, mixed root vegetables, pancakes with agave syrup, fruits, vegan cheese with chutney, and a smoothie.

Brunch Bergsson

Best new brunch

Skelfiskmarkaðurinn is a newly-opened restaurant in Reykjavík and Icelandic oysters are their speciality. The restaurant is the newest project of chef and restaurateur Hrefna Sætran, who is also behind popular fine-dining restaurants Fiskmarkaðurinn and Grillmarkaðurinn. For brunch, they offer both brunch platters and a la carte options. Their brunch platter is made up of pancakes, bacon, a soft-boiled egg, croissant with cheese and cucumber, fresh juice, fruit salad, and chia pudding. You can order most of these items a la carte as well, plus sausages, Eggs Benedict, and a fun selection of cocktails and smoothies.

Brunch Skelfiskmarkaðurinn

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