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Catching Pokémon with Pokémon Go in Iceland

pokemonI must confess, I know nothing about Pokémons. The big thing when I was young were pogs. Remember pogs? Well, they aren’t back, but Pokémons are. If Pokémons even ever left. Nintendo (which I do love, since I had a Nintendo Entertainment System and a couple of GameBoys, and still do), knowshow to handle their property, even though they sometimes seem like they don’t. Their newest thing, Pokémon Go, a hands on Pokémon catching (I’ve heard you simply must catch them all) experience, is a living proof of that. It’s only been out in a few days, but, at least according to my Facebook, it has taken over the world.

Pokémon Go is a brilliant thing, and highly addicting. Since I installed it, I have been wanting to stop everything and just go out for a walk—and that’s the beauty part, Pokémon Go actually makes you stand up and walk around town. The Pokémon won’t come to you, you must find them.

So travelers and Icelanders alike might ask “Are there Pokémon in Reykjavík, Iceland?” and to that I answer, of course. Here are a few Pokémon I’ve caught on and around Laugavegur, Reykjavík’s main shopping street, and nearby areas in Reykjavík.


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