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Northern lights Iceland

Checklist January 2022

Winter in Iceland is a magical experience, with northern lights twinkling over icy landscapes. Here are some ideas on how to spend this January in Iceland.

While you’re checking things off the list, we encourage you to take photos, and tag them with #whatsonrvk, of course!

Northern lights

1 Go eat some ice cream. Yes, even in January!

2 Wrap up and head out to go see the northern lights.

3 Visit a museum on a cold day, for instance the Reykjavík Art Museum or the National Museum.

4 Try þorramatur, traditional Icelandic food served with rye bread, butter, and Brennivín.

5 Go to a bonfire and set off some fireworks on Þrettándinn.

6 Warm up in the hot tubs of the city swimming pools.

7 Head to a cosy coffeehouse and have a cup of quality Icelandic coffee.

8 Visit the Golden Circle, a day tour you can do all year round!

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