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Christmas in Iceland


Christmas in Iceland

Information about Christmas in Iceland

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Christmas is great; some people even say it’s the best. But when Christmas Eve has come and gone, and you’ve been to all the family parties, eaten all the cookies and opened all the presents, what’s there to look forward to? New Year’s Eve, that’s what. Luckily, there is no need to despair on December 27. New Year’s is still to come! If you like lighting fires, this evening can be just as fun as Christmas, but on a completely different level.

How to Celebrate Christmas – the Icelandic Christmas Calendar

Christmas is celebrated big in Iceland. From December 12, the Yule Lads start arriving from the mountains one by one. Children get a small in their shoe every day until Christmas. But that’s not the only Christmas custom, the days surrounding Christmas are filled with activities, Christmas markets, and traditions. Let us tell you more about Icelandic Christmas traditions with this Icelandic Christmas calendar.

The Christmas Cat Wants to Eat You

The Icelandic Christmas Cat, Yule Cat, or Jólakötturinn, is probably Iceland’s most famous cat. It is the pet of child-eating monster Grýla and her husband Leppalúði. They are the parents of the 13 Icelandic Yule Lads.

This Year’s Best Christmas Tours in Reykjavík

Isn’t Christmas the best time of year? You’re lucky to spend Christmas in Reykjavík, because the city turns into a Christmassy winter wonderland every year, with twinkling lights and Christmas decorations everywhere, a good chance of snow, and the Yule Lads walking around town. To top this all, there are a couple wonderful seasonal tours. Read all about Christmas tours departing from Reykjavík in this article.

Reykjavík Christmas Markets 2021

Each December, Reykjavík is transformed into a magical Christmas city. There are fun Christmas events and Christmas tours involving everything from culture to food, horseback riding to sailing, and singing to shopping all over the city, but some places are even more festive than others. Check out all the festive areas in the city and partake in our holiday joy.

Book These Top Winter Tours in Iceland Now

There is something for everyone when it comes to sights to see from Reykjavík in winter. Whether you’re looking for nature and scenery or some thrilling action, it’s all within day’s reach from the capital. Read about the top winter tours for this Christmas in this article.

Enjoy the Best of Reykjavík this Christmas

During the month of December, Reykjavík puts on its most charming face. Everywhere you go, you can expect Christmas markets, Christmas music, and other Christmas events, and everything surface is covered with twinkly Christmas lights. If you’re wondering what to do in Reykjavík this Christmas, look no further. Holiday cheer in the city centre Downtown […]

The Tastiest Icelandic Christmas Snacks

Food is a significant part of Christmas celebrations all over the world and Iceland is no exception. Every country has its own tradition and while trends and fashions can influence what families eat each year, there are some foodstuffs that just have to be a part of the experience or Christmas is ruined!

Advent Season – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

So, we still have to wait until December for Christmas but to be honest, waiting is the best part! Advent is the period from the fourth Sunday before Christmas until Christmas Eve and it’s almost a holiday in its own right. Many people decorate their homes with an Advent wreath with four candles, one for every Sunday of Advent. November 28 is the first Sunday of Advent this year.

Icelandic Christmas Beers Available Now

For most of the 20th century, beer was banned in Iceland. Since 1989, we’ve been doing our best to catch up and seasonal beers are becoming an increasingly popular part of the holiday season.  There are no rules on what constitutes a Christmas beer but these festive drinks tend to be a bit darker and stronger than your everyday lagers. The Christmas beers are only available for a limited time. They appear in bars and on Vínbúðin shelves on November 4 and disappear again when Christmas decorations go down or when  the batch sells out – which ever comes first. 

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