Christmas Shopping Reykjavík

Christmas Shopping in Reykjavik

Reykjavík’s shopping districts offer endless possibilities when it comes to finding cool decorations, souvenirs, or that perfect Christmas present for your special someone.

The centre of Reykjavík has a host of specialty boutiques where you will most certainly find something unique. While the main shopping streets are Laugavegur and Skólavörðustígur, make sure you don’t forget the number of small shops and boutiques that are hidden in the area around the old harbour.

The Christmas Market in Hafnarfjörður is always a delight, located 15 minutes from the centre of Reykjavík by car (Alternatively, bus no. 1).


If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind items to take back as Christmas presents, or simply souvenirs, why not check out the work of some Icelandic designers. Getting a new garment, something beautiful for your home, or simply a postcard, will be a reminder of your holiday vacation in Iceland for years to come. Design boutiques in the city centre are filled to the brim with the clean, innovative design Iceland is known for, so take a stroll down Laugavegur and the surrounding streets to find your very own piece of Icelandic ingenuity to take back home.


Icelanders know that the secret to keeping warm is Icelandic wool. Not only is it warm, but as an added bonus, it looks pretty darn good as well. There are all sorts of wool products available, everything from simple hats and mittens to the beautiful scarves and blankets by Vík Prjónsdóttir. The most common one, however, is the “lopapeysa”, the Icelandic woollen sweater. Try the Farmer’s Market products for great design but if you’re looking for the classics, nothing beats The Icelandic Handknitting Association on Skólavörðustígur.


Icelandic designers have been making waves domestically and abroad for several years, and many have now set up their own boutiques in the area around Laugavegur, with Hverfisgata and Skólavörðustígur well worth a visit as well. What better souvenir or present to take home than a unique fashion item that will turn heads wherever you go? Try stopping at Aftur, Kiosk, Kormákur and Skjöldur’s menswear shop or just any of the shops that catch your eye downtown. There are also shops which offer a great selection of Nordic fashion, such as Geysir and Húrra Reykjavík. As an added bonus, new clothes will keep you safe from the Christmas Cat who will eat you if you don’t receive new clothing for Christmas!


The weather in Iceland is probably unmatched as an incentive to develop great protective clothing. 66° North, whose flagship store at Bankastræti is unmissable, was founded in 1926 to make protective clothing for Icelandic fishermen who went out on tiny boats in all sorts of weather. For them, their clothing could mean the difference between life and death. There may be places where the weather is colder, but few of them can match the unpredictability of the Icelandic weather. Try an “úlpa”, an Icelandic parka, while you’re in Iceland. You’ll never get cold again.


Iceland’s arts-and-crafts scene is proof positive that the colder the climate, the more creative the people. Our jewellery designers each have their own distinctive flair – some turning out bold, raw, chunky pieces, while others prefer ornaments as delicate and fragile as flowers in a black Icelandic desert. Whatever your personal preference, you are sure to find something to delight or impress.


A new organic awareness is currently sweeping the Icelandic nation, manifesting in a wave of new products made from herbs gathered in Iceland’s pristine nature. A vast selection of domestically produced cosmetics and beauty products now exists, available in gift-, health- and tourist shops. Check out brands like Blue Lagoon, Villimey, Sóley and SIF Cosmetics. The anti-aging EGF SERUM, made with natural ingredients, is a popular choice as well.

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