christmas in iceland

top 10 December activities


Gaze at the stars while soaking in one of the 16 thermal pools in the Reykjavík capital area.


Revel in a Reykjavík winter: be dazzled by the multi-coloured Christmas lights, skate on Tjörnin lake, the ice rink at Ingólfstorg or at the Skating Hall in Laugardalur


Make the most of the opportunity to shop tax-free. Icelandic design with a hefty discount, who can resist that?


Burn away the remnants of last year’s sins at a New Year’s Eve bonfire, or by setting off a bunch of fireworks at midnight.


Spoil yourself rotten in the ethereal environment at the Blue Lagoon. If you don’t have the time, the city’s thermal pools are also excellent.


Stop at one of Reykjavík’s many cafés for a warm drink or at any of the city’s great restaurants for a traditional Christmas Buffet.


Let the unique and surefooted Icelandic horse carry you through picturesque valleys and over rocky grey lava fields.


Have a snowball fight underneath the unforgettable Northern Lights.


Take a tour through the majestic Icelandic landscape and see some of the many natural wonders Iceland has to offer, waterfalls, erupting hot springs, glaciers and so much more.


Experience Iceland’s history, art and culture, from the days of the Vikings to modern times.