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Airwaves, Snow and Happiness

november_2014One of the highlights of the Icelandic calendar is back – for the 15th time.

What started innocuously in an airplane hangar, back in 1999, has catapulted into something huge, awesome and a real beacon to gaze upon in the darkest hours of the Icelandic winter.

Yes, Iceland Airwaves is upon us yet again. The music festival that’s played host to bands such as The Rapture, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Kraftwerk, as well as pretty much every Icelandic band that’s worth its salt (and there’s loads of those actually…) is a heavily anticipated event for music lovers all over the world, and in fact – generally sells out some months in advance.

We at What’s On are excited about Iceland Airwaves, and as such dedicate an extensive chapter in this month’s issue to this lovely festival. There you’ll find some bands we specially recommend, as well as tip’s n tricks, some drinks and much more. This is however, just a redact of our much more in-depth Iceland Airwaves Warm-up Guide, where we feature the full Airwaves schedule, and have videos and such nice things. We definitely recommend you check that

Airwaves aside, November promises to be a great month. Winter is in full force, but has been quite nice so far- we trust it’ll stay that way. We’ve been quite lucky with Northern Lights sightings, which I’m sure will please many readers. Our beginners guide is in this magazine as well, so if you’re here and the conditions are right- you really have no excuses!

Wish everyone a great month, be you here for Airwaves or not! Love to all!

Check out the November 2014 issue here.


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