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What's On Magazine - March 2014

March in Iceland (2014)

14MarchSo it turns out, March is particularly eventful this year. You see, the annual minor-holidays of Bolludagur, Sprengidagur and Öskudagur, all fall in the beginning of March, instead of middle-late February as is more often the case. These days are quite…interesting…to the untrained eye, with each one focusing on a specific theme of gluttonous activities. That’s not to say Icelanders in general are gluttonous, it’s just that on these specific days – we really tend to go overboard. We start with a cream puff feast for the first day, leading to a salted meat and pea-soup madness, before we finish on a high with an overload of candy. Yes – just candy for the third day.

But that’s just a small part of What’s On in March. The Reykjavik Folk Festival is always fun – between the 6th and 8th, featuring all the best Icelandic folk musicians. We highly recommend that if you want to experience some real Icelandic music.

Finally we end the month with the ever anticipated DesignMarch, Iceland’s most important design festival. This year sees plenty of exciting events, from the 27th to 30th, with some of the highlights being the Reykjavik Fashion Festival, the DesignTalks (including a talk from Calvin Klein) and the Town Fair on Saturday 29th.

You can read more on all of these in this month’s issue of What’s On in Reykjavik so get going!

Check out the issue here.

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