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What's On Magazine - May in Iceland

May in Iceland (2014)

WO_MAY_PRINT33As this month’s cover strongly implies, summer is upon us! Regardless of the fact that summer days, as the one depicted, are very rare and hard to come by – these are the days that make up the memories of summer – the days that get us through the bleakest months.

Iceland has a very peculiar relationship with summer. Last April the 24th we celebrated the “First Day of Summer”. Yeah – that’s a real holiday here in Iceland, when people get a day off work and kids frolic around and play with their summery toys. This is a very random celebration to be honest, as most people would agree that it’s quite premature declaring summer as arrived in April. The exact date of the annual “First Day of Summer” is the first Thursday after the 18th – so while it does great things for morale…it’s quite overly optimistic.

But what that means to you, a visitor and a reader, is that you can safely head into your day knowing that for all intents and purposes, summer is here. If the weather agrees or not is completely different thing of course, but luckily, in Iceland, weather is just a state of mind.

Enjoy your stay in Iceland and take care!

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