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menningarnótt culture night

Culture Night in Reykjavík in 2023

Many people know that Culture Night, or Menningarnótt, is one of the biggest events on the calendar for Reykjavík residents. But did you know that Menningarnótt is also anniversary celebration of the City of Reykjavik? Reykjavik City was granted municipal rights on August 18th, 1786 and since then, Icelanders gather every third Saturday in August to celebrate this wonderful city!

menningarnótt culture night
Pop star Bríet's 2022 performance.

Open Museums and Galleries: Many museums, galleries, and cultural institutions open their doors to the public for free or at reduced prices. This allows attendees to explore the rich artistic and historical heritage of Reykjavík.

Concerts and Music Performances: Throughout the day and into the night, various stages are set up across the city to host live music performances. Musicians from different genres, both local and international, take part in these concerts, creating a diverse musical experience.

Art Exhibitions: Menningarnótt features a range of art exhibitions, including visual arts, installations, and interactive displays, allowing attendees to engage with the local art scene.

menningarnótt 2022

Street Performances: The streets of Reykjavík come alive with street performers, dancers, and theater groups entertaining the crowds with their talents.

Food and Crafts: Food stalls and craft markets are often set up, offering attendees a chance to sample Icelandic cuisine and purchase handmade crafts.

Fireworks: The festivities often conclude with a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the night sky and providing a fitting finale to the celebration.

The programme can change from year to year, but we think it’s always fun! You can definitely just show up to downtown and see what’s happening, but party-goers who like to have a plan can check out the official website.

This year, the big finale concert will begin at 19:30 (7:30 PM). Some of the headliners will include Eurovision star Diljá, GDRN, Mugison, Flóni, Aron Can, HAM, and several others. Fireworks begin at 23:00 (11:00 PM).


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