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Dance Nights in Reykjavík – Get Your Groove On

Do you like hitting the dance floor? There’s no need to skip this during your vacation in Iceland, with numerous dance nights in Reykjavík. Even though the best season for dancing courses is wintertime, there’s plenty going on in the summer, too. Read this article to know more about the dance nights organised in Reykjavík. It’s time to shake and shimmy!

Salsa dance nights

Salsa Iceland is a dance school and dance community led by Edda Blöndal. Salsa Iceland organises many dance courses and dance nights, including three kinds of salsa with six proficiency levels. They also teach bachata, kizomba, chachacha, rumba, rueda de casino, and more. Every Wednesday at 19:30, there are free salsa nights for first-timers at IÐNÓ, so if you want to learn some new dance moves, this is the perfect opportunity. Bachata evenings are organised every Tuesday from 20:00-23:00 at Sólon.

Salsa Iceland
Photo: Facebook Salsa Iceland

Milonga dance nights

Milonga is a dance with the same basic elements as tango, but there are some differences. It permits greater relaxation of legs and body, it’s danced in a faster pace than tango, and there are less pauses. There are two milonga evenings a week in Reykjavík, on Tuesdays at IÐNÓ and on Fridays at Kramhúsið. Admission is ISK 1,000, and entrance is free of charge for those 30 years or younger.

Tango Reykjavík

Bachata dance nights

Bachata is a dance and music style from the Dominican Republic. The basic dance sequence is performed in a full eight-count moving within a square, consisting of three steps and then a tap. Unlike dances like salsa, bachata doesn’t have many turn patterns, and dance moves vary based on music and rhythms. It’s a dance full of passion and sensuality. In Reykjavík, you can join bachata courses at DanceCenter Reykjavík on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Bachata Iceland
Photo: Facebook DanceCenter Reykjavík

Kizomba dance nights

Kizomba is a dance and music genre originally from Angola. The dance originated in the 1980s. Kizomba is danced with slightly bent knees and feet on the ground, on a 4/4 rhythm. Its leading technique is similar to the tango, and the dance is characterised by light and continuous walking. It’s rapidly getting more popular in Europe, and also in Iceland, where there’s even a kizomba festival, the K-Iceland Festival Reykjavík, organised by Kizomba Iceland. The third edition will take place September 13-15, 2019. Kizomba Iceland also organises kizomba lessons, workshops, and social dance nights. The kizomba dance nights are hosted every other week on Thursdays or Mondays.

Kizomba Iceland
Photo: Facebook Kizomba is Icelandic

Háskóladansinn dance nights

Háskóladansinn, or The University Dance Forum, is a dance association targeted to university students. They offer West Coast Swing, Salsa, Swing & Rock’n’Roll, Lindy Hop, and Solo Jazz courses for students, but also organise lots of open dance nights. Popular events are the swing & rock’n’roll, boogie woogie social dance nights, organised every Sunday at Sólon. You don’t need to bring a dance partner, and everyone is welcome to attend. There’s no admission fee, but attendees are encouraged to buy at least one drink to support the venue.

Photo: Facebook Háskóladansinn

What are you waiting for? Dance it up!

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