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What's On Magazine - November 2013

It’s Dark, Cold and Dreary… But at least we’ve got beer

13NovNovember can be dark, cold and dreary, and is usually a month we don’t like much in Iceland. It’s still pretty far until Christmas, so you can’t really allow yourself to get psyched about that yet, while at the same time it’s getting all dark and cold and you can most likely count on a blizzard or two as well. In between you can expect rain or storms and stuff. The sun is awkwardly low in the sky, so it’s in your eyes at all times, but nonetheless it provides no heat at all. It’s truly a bleak month all in all.

But we have stuff to look forward to nonetheless. Pretty awesome stuff actually, so don’t let me bring you down! This particular month sees Iceland Airwaves during its first weekend. That’s a super awesome music festival that we at What’s On are very excited about. If you’re reading this late in the month and missed Airwaves, trust me, it was great!

Another major event of the month is the release of Christmas beer. That’s becoming a bigger and bigger tradition each year, with the ever so lovely Tuborg Julebryg leading the pack, coming out on the first Friday of November each year. You can read all about the lovely brew on pages 38-39.

Lastly – this November is the first chance we’ve got to tell you guys about our brand new website! We just opened up our and we’re super proud of it. There you can read all our magazines and get further information on almost everything we publish in this magazine. I truly hope you like it and if you don’t – let us know! We’d love the feedback.
Enjoy your stay in Iceland!

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