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DesignMarch 2015 is On!


This weekend, DesignMarch 2015 takes place in Iceland. It actually started two days ago, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to see any of the events so far. I am going to check out a few things in the next days and for since traveling outside the city is dangerous tomorrow, Saturday, checking out a few things is a good idea for the weekend to come. Sidetrack: the storm coming in tomorrow is going to be worse than anything we’ve seen this winter. So, please listen to warnings from local authorities and stay as much indoors as you can.

But, back to DesignMarch!

Here are some of the events that I am very excited about checking out tomorrow:

And if the weather isn’t too bad I am hoping to go to this pop-up street party in the evening!

Hopefully, you guys are able to see as much of Designer March as you can and if you want to take home some beautiful Icelandic creations here is list of Icelandic design stores.

Until next time,

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