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DesignMarch 2018 – Celebrating 10 years

Fashion and design are the two keywords of upcoming four-day event DesignMarch (HönnunarMars in Icelandic), taking place from the 15th till the 18th of March in Reykjavík. During DesignMarch the capital of Iceland is turned into one big showcase for innovative creations and designs. The festival aims to connect local and international designers at more than one hundred events and exhibitions. Designers from all kinds of disciplines are part of the program, from fashion designers to architects and from furniture designers to product designers. The festival is celebrating its ten-year anniversary and it promises to be a spectacular edition!



On the 15th of March the seminar DesignTalks takes place at Harpa Concert Hall, a day filled with lectures from international professionals on the importance of design. DesignTalks 2018 is curated by Hlín Helga Guðlaugsdóttir, who will also moderate the event together with IDEO’s Chief Creative Officer, Paul Bennett. This year’s speakers include Anton & Irene, Marjan van Aubel, Andreas Martin Löf and Bea Szenfeld.

Designer duo Anton and Irene have worked with digital productions, user experience design, photography and video. Recently, they also collaborated with IKEA’s innovation lab Space10’s project “One Shared House”, focused on developing future shared living spaces. Marjan van Aubel is an award-winning solar designer whose work is a combination of sustainability, design and technology. Andreas Martin Löf is an architect who has worked on affordable housing projects, summerhouses and design bars, among many others! Bea Szenfeld is known for her spectacular paper designs, and for being a spokesperson for sustainability by using recycled materials. Celebrities no less than Björk and Lady Gaga have worn her designs!

Hönnunarmars settur í Hörpu

Don’t miss these events!

During the festival hundreds of events are organised, confirmed events include:

Architects Take Over Ingólfstorg

The Icelandic Architect Association will set up an installation at Ingólfstorg. The aim of the installation is to start a conversation between architects and the public. The installation will transform the urban space for a short period of time. It aims to make Reykjavik more attractive and fun, and will encourage families and friends to spend time together in this new and exciting space.


AGUSTAV is an Icelandic furniture design and production studio specialised in hardwood. All their products are handmade, and they focus on quality, aesthetics and functionality. During DesignMarch AGUSTAV will introduce their new eco product line “AFGANGAR/LEFTOVERS” which is entirely made from leftover material.

The Moulding of a Mould

Product designer Theodóra Alfredsdóttir is specialised in mould making. Her project at DesignMarch, “The Moulding of a Mould”, is a study into the role of the mould, and the question if this role can be changed. Even though moulds are essential for many production processes, they are usually discarded after the objects have been made. Alfredsdóttir wants to find out if the mould can be as important as the object it helped to create. The first stage of this investigation is presented at DesignMarch 2018, with an illustration of how the mould could carry on with its life after being used for production.

1+1+1 + Sweet Salone

With the project “1+1+1 + Sweet Salone” Nordic design and African craftsmanship are combined. 1+1+1 is a collaboration between designer studios from three Nordic countries, Hugdetta from Iceland, Petra Lilja from Sweden and Aalto+Aalto from Finland. During DesignMarch 2018 they will introduce a product line out of clay, cotton and rattan, which they developed in cooperation with craftsmen from Sierra Leone. With this, they hope to support the design and crafts industry in Sierra Leone, to help protect traditional craft-making skills and to encourage the use of materials that might otherwise disappear.

Inspired by Aalto

“Inspired by Aalto” is an exhibition focused on the works of Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto and the designers that were influenced by him. The exhibition will take place at the Nordic House, a culture house in Reykjavík that is designed by Aalto. The exhibition will show some of Aalto’s best designs and will go into detail about his ideas on how to use design to create a better world.

Most events are open to the public, for more information about events and timetables visit the website of DesignMarch 2018. Everybody can join the fun!


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