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Eurovision 2015 – My Top 10

Let me just start off by eating my words in a previous blog when I said I only liked a handful of songs in Eurovision 2015. Don’t know what I was thinking but there are many more that I like a lot!

Of course I, like so many others, was disappointed Iceland didn’t make to the final night but my god – María Ólafs did a fantastic job. I think Eurovision will definitely see more of her in the coming years.

So, now we know which countries will be competing in the final tomorrow and I have my top 10 figured out.

1. Norway

I have loved this song since I heard it the first time. Definitely giving them a vote or two.

2. Russia

What a performance! Holy crap! I had goose bumps the entire time she was on stage. Polina is not only gorgeous but one of the best singers in the competition this year and by far the best performer I’ve seen; she belongs on that stage in front of thousands of people.

3. Australia

Australia is entering Eurovision with a bang! What a fun song and Guy Sebastian is obviously a top musician (and it doesn’t hurt that he’s super cute as well). Looking forward to see him perform live tomorrow.

4. Austria

This year’s hosts are presenting a well written, beautiful melody and one of the most charming performances I’ve heard in a long time. Love it.

5. Latvia

I also got goose bumps when Aminata started her song Love Injected. So different. She and Polina are my favourite female singers and just striking on the stage.

6. Romania

I thought the song was so-so when I listened to it the first time but when they performed it live I almost cried. Beautiful and emotional.

7. Slovenia

This song is just so cool. No better word to describe it!

8. Belgium

Different, cool and the stage performance on Tuesday was absolutely flawless.

9. Greece

Incredible vocals by the stunning Maria Elena and a nice song.

10. Sweden

The winner according to many but just not as good as the first 9 on this list, in my opinion. Realistically though, I’m sure they will place higher. Heroes is a catchy song that will, without a doubt, be played a lot over the next couple of months. Måns has also done a very good job when it comes to performance on stage.

I just have to get it out: I am utterly disappointed that Poland, Serbia (!!) and Lithuania made to the final. (Apologies if anyone gets offended but these songs are so bad).

Picking my number one choice was such a hard decision, I think Russia has the best performance by far but I like the Norwegian song more. Honestly, I’ll be ecstatic if any one of the top 5 countries on this list wins.

What do you guys think?

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