Drag Extravaganza: Shae den Freude (AUS) + Mighty Bear


This October 11th Australia’s very own lipsync sensation, Shae den Freude, returns to Loft! Starting the evening with the spectacular Mighty Bear.
Starts at 21:00.
Free entry

See you there !

Shae Den Freude:
Just like chicken pox, you may have thought that kind of devastation can only happen once. Think again!
Once again Shae den Freude returns to say “G’Day Rey…kjavík”. Get ready for the Queen of Australia’s Icelandic return! Sickening lipsync mixes, Australian “culture”, and classic beauty (as long as you don’t look too closely). Only at Loft can you truly go “down… under” without leaving Reykjavík! Ert þú tilbúinn? Vegna þess að hún er líklega ekki.

Mighty Bear :

Mighty Bear has slowly been crawling out of the shadows with eerie sounds and visuals. The haunting and stunning performances have been making an impact on the Icelandic live music scene as well as the drag scene. Mighty Bear blends queer and drag visuals with a unique blend of indie and electronic music. With two singles that have gained attention online and on the Icelandic radio waves, Mighty Bear is an upcoming artist worth a look. Truly an experience both for the eyes and ears http://www.mightybearmusic.com/

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