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Notable Festivities & Recurring Events in March 2015


Festival City

Reykjavík Folk Festival
March 5-7th

Reykjavík Open
March 10-18th

March 12-15th

Reykjavík Fashion Festival
March 12-15th

EVE online Fanfest
March 19-21st

Icelandic Music Experiments
March 22-28th

Iceland International Flute Festival
March 27-29th

Reykjavík Blues Festival
March 28th-April 2nd

(almost) Total Solar Eclipse

On March 20th, 9:37 AM, there will be a solar eclipse, the last one in Europe until 2026!

All That Jazz

Saturday nights at Kex Hostel.

The Iceland Expo Pavilion

The pavilion features a unique 360-degree film where the walls and ceiling form a visual unity. Every day at Harpa.

Peace and war

February 1st to 28th. Interview on demand by the media, or even address to groups of up to 25 persons, to Jon Thormodsson, author of a 1,300-page reference book, Peace and War: Niagara of Quotations.

Phone +354 568 7250 / 898 6852.
Venue (home): Laugarasvegi 29, 104 Reykjavík

Cozy Sunday

March 8th, 15th and 22nd at Kex Hostel.

Activities for the whole family.

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