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Everything Happens in February in Iceland

Everything Happens in February in Iceland

_A8E2243So you thought nothing worthwhile would happen in February huh? Well you were wrong. Turns out, February is one action packed month! Our newest What’s On issue is here, absolutely filled to the brim with fresh content, events, festivals and simply just whatever’s required to get the everyday Icelander through this month of cold, snow and dark.

Everything Happens in February in Iceland!

One of the prime features of February is the Winter Lights Festival. Celebrated specifically to cheer people up during one of the darkest and coldest months, we’ve always been incredibly impressed by this fun festival. Read more on pages 36-37!

Then we have the Þorri festival. Technically this one started in late January, with good ol’ “Husbands Day”, but it lasts well into February, so we felt it more appropriate here. This is a great festival, marked by merry get-togethers, where people indulge themselves on the delicacies of Icelandic cuisine, such as rotten shark, pickled ram’s testicles (yes, testicles) and singed sheep heads.

Finally, this month sees three of my personal favourite festivities, Cream Puff Day, Eat-Till-You-Burst Day and Ash Wednesday, (the last one being about eating ungodly amounts of candy). More information on pages 23-24.

Oh and we also have Sónar Reykjavik (pages 34-35) this month! That’s so cool.

So! Definitely loads of things to do in Iceland this month, so extending your stay might be in order! Enjoy everything the country has to offer and make sure you try something out that you wouldn’t do at home!

Check out the February 2015 issue here.


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