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“Everything Moses Does Is a Satire on the Market Society” – Magnús Trygvasen Eliassen

In 2017, Moses Hightower celebrated the release of their album Fjallaloft with a release concert in Háskólabíó (Reykjavík). As the concert was sold out, not everyone was so fortunate as to attend. But the band cautions fans not to despair. Tonight, Moses Hightower will be holding a very special “Additional” concert. Like last time, Moses will be joined by special guest musicians and will be performming beneath “numerous, colorfoul lights.” If ticket sales go well, an additional additional concert may be in the works for 2021. Last weekend, What’s On spoke to Moses’ drummer, Magnús Trygvasen Eliassen.

RTH: Hey, Maggi. How are you?

Maggi: Excellent. Thank you. I’m in the bathroom. Is that okay with you?

Yes, that’s fine. Which bathroom?

The one in the studio.

You’re rehearsing?

Actually, I’m fetching a drum set. We did most of our rehearsing last weekend.

How’s it been going?

Well. It’s just been the core members. The wind-instrument players will join us on Tuesday. We’ve just been rediscovering some old moves.

What’s the most difficult song to perform live?

Theere’s one song that’s pretty difficult: Ýmis mál.

The concert is billed as “A Special Additional Performance” but to a concert that was originally held in 2017. Why is that?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s a little more exciting that way. We’re not trying to make fun of anyone.

So you‘re not satirizing the market society?

Everything Moses does is a satire on the market society.

What’s next for Moses?

We’re working on some new music. We released a new song last Friday. There may be an album next spring.

(I tell Maggi that my laptop just powered down and that I need to fetch the power cord in the car. I reveal that I’m conducting the interview at my grandparents’ house, because the Manchester United game is on. That’s where I watch all the games.)

I’m a Liverpool supporter but I just really like watching football. I was just talking to a Man United fan the other day. Everyone seems to think that we’re against Man United but that’s not right. We’re much more opposed to Man City or Tottenham.

Yeah, I’m not one of those vindictive, Schadenfreudistic Man United supporters. I‘m happy for you Liverpool fans. You’re playing beautiful football.

I don’t hate anyone. The whole discourse in Iceland is comical. The idea that one hates anyone.

What‘s been on your mind recently?

Generally? The success of a football team that I follow. Old men and Greta Thunberg.

Do you recommend any good music?

I’ve been listening to a rapper called Noname from Chicago. She’s okay. Not her new record though, the one before that one.

How are ticket sales going?

Pretty good. I don’t know.

You guys have been playing together for a while now. Do you ever argue?

Having a relationship outside music is important. We also do a lot of music, besides Moses, together. That helps. We’re usually very much in agreement.

So there’s no token troublemaker in the band?

That would probably be me.


Because I‘m a stubborn fool. No, I dont’ know.

(Tickets to the concert tonight, October 11th, are still available on

Thanks for the chat. Good luck on Friday.


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