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Whale Watching Reykjavík

Exploring the Open Waters in Iceland

Iceland is an island, and this means you’re never far away from water. A lot of Iceland’s natural treasures are found close to water and best explored by boat. In this article, we will tell you more about the different boat tours Iceland is offering.

Whale Watching Iceland

Northern lights by boat

The northern lights are a magnificent sight. They are best viewed far away from city lights, so going out of town to darker spots will give you a higher chance of seeing them. Taking a northern lights boat tour out to the dark sea offers great viewing opportunities. There are boats departing daily from Reykjavík’s old harbour. The northern lights season is getting closer to its end but is still going strong until mid-April.

Book your northern lights by boat tour here.

Northern Lights

Whale watching and puffin tours

Icelandic waters are the natural habitat of different kinds of whales. Baleen whales are a migratory species, and most travel long distances to tropical waters in winter and back to polar regions in summer. The best season for whale watching in most parts of Iceland is therefore between April and October. Often-sighted cetaceans are minke whales, humpback whales, sei whales, fin whales, and blue whales.

From late April/May until August, you can also see colourful puffins swimming and flying around. For puffin spotting, it’s best to go with a small boat. Don’t forget to bring binoculars. Puffins are smaller than you think!

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Humpback Whale

RIB adventure on the Westman Islands

The Westman Islands are an archipelago of 15 islands off the south coast of Iceland. The islands are known for their beautiful landscapes and rich birdlife. It’s possible to book a RIB tour around Heimaey, the largest and only populated island of the Westman Islands. A small RIB will take you past the smaller islands around Heimaey, several caves, and the famous elephant rock. Along the way, you have the chance to see wildlife like seabirds and killer whales.

Photo: Facebook

River rafting

In Iceland, you can go river rafting on Hvítá river in the south or the East Jökulsá river in the north. Gullfoss, one of the country’s most-loved waterfalls, actually lies in the Hvítá river. Rafting takes place a little farther down from the Gullfoss waterfall, in a spectacular canyon. In the canyon are areas where the river flows very fast and other parts where it’s calmer, making it ideal for those without rafting experience. The river in the east is known to be a bit wilder and has been rated one of Europe’s best rafting rivers. Despite its more challenging nature, anyone with the right adventurous attitude and ability to swim can join a rafting tour on East Jökulsá river as well.

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Photo: Facebook Viking Rafting


How do you feel about discovering Reykjavík and the small islands in Faxaflói bay by kayak? Kayaking combines active outdoor recreation with nature exploration. Paddling close to the islands gives you the best closeup views of seabirds and oceanic wildlife. A great way to spend an afternoon in nature.

Sea Paddling

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