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What's On Magazine - February 2014

February in Iceland (2014)

14FebSome years ago, people realized that Iceland can be quite dreary during the darkest months, and that February is one of those months. As a result of that revelation, the Winter Lights Festival was created, specifically to combat the darkness. Over the years it has evolved into an incredibly fun, bright and sparkling festival with something for everyone. It’s celebrated this month from the 6th to the 15th of February and promises an array of great events. We’ll specially recommend partaking in the Museum Night and the Pool Night, further discussed in this magazine.

In other news, we just opened a Tourist Information and Booking Centre at Laugavegur 4, in downtown Reykjavik! Having worked diligently at providing you good people with information and interesting material in thismagazine, and further adding most of that information to our website – – we felt ready to take the next step and start dishing out information, helping people out and assisting people in planning and booking their activities while in Iceland. What that means, is that you are officially encouraged to visit us and see what we’re up to. We’re located in this beautiful house on the photo below and we’re really nice and friendly. Looking forward to seeing you and enjoy your stay in Iceland!

Check out the issue here.

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