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The Color Run in Reykjavik!

Finally! The Color Run in Reykjavik!

If you’re in Reykjavík on Saturday June 6th then you are in for a treat as the Color Run in Reykjavik is taking place for the first time in Iceland. For those that don’t know The Color Run is a series of events involving a five kilometers “paint race” inspired by the Holi festival in India.

The run is not about winners or time but about having fun and celebrating and enjoying life. At certain points in the run runners are splashed with bags of color(made of corn-starch) so at the end of the 5K you should be pretty colorful!

With each ticket purchased, the runner will get a white T-shirt, a bag of colorful powder, a healthy drink, some detergent and entrance to parties before and after the run! You can also purchase colorful tutu skirts and socks. Sunglasses are also a good item to have so runners don’t get the colored powder in their eyes. The organizers of the run are also aiming to donate up to 5 million Icelandic krona to charity of sold goods.

The event will start 9 AM on Saturday, the run will be along Lækjargata in the downtown area and end in Hljómskálagarður where a Danish DJ, dancers and one hell of a party will await those who finish the run.

A great way to spend a Saturday morning and afternoon for those that like to have fun!

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