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Five Coziest Coffeehouses in Reykjavík

Whether you like a decent cup of coffee or just a place to sit down and look trendy with all your fellow hipsters, Reykjavík has an exquisite selection of coffee houses for you to choose from. Naturally, they’re all quite cozy, but these ones have that extra charming aura that makes them stand out.

Official photo from Te & Kaffi

Microroast – Aðalstræti 9

In the heart of the city, between Ingólfstorg square and Austurvöllur lies Microroast, described as Te & Kaffi’s “coffee laboratory”. This may sound off putting, seeing as they even have their own incinerator, but we promise it’s all used for developing all sorts of coffee on the spot. There are new flavours and roasts of coffee to try every day, which is nice, but its actual charm is the location. It’s warm, with access to an outside porch that rarely has any wind (even in September), and its location gives you a sense of being in the middle of everything and yet at peace.

Official photo from Te & Kaffi

Te & Kaffi Borgartún – Borgartún 21a

In the heart of Reykjavík’s business center is a white building that, at first glance, looks like another boring establishment meant for calculating who knows what. A closer look reveals an inviting wooden porch, leading into a lovely coffee house brimming with comfy chairs and sofas. At Te & Kaffi Borgartún, there’s an interesting sense of calm, in stark contrast with the otherwise busy area surrounding the coffee shop. The cakes are also excellent. No wonder you’ll always run into businessmen, politicians, and famous musicians over there, looking for a moment of quiet in the course of their busy days.

Photo by Stefan Birgir Stefans

Kaffitár – Bankastræti 8

You’re in central Reykjavík, enjoying your shopping when you slowly notice that you didn’t pack very warm clothes for the slightly chilly September weather (this is Iceland, after all). You could go ahead and purchase warm mittens at the nearest clothes store, or just drop by at Kaffitár at Bankastræti and enjoy one of their excellent, warm drinks while watching people pass by you on the other side of the window. It’s an incredibly cozy venue, with a modern and colourful aesthetic that makes it arguably the best Kaffitár in town.

Photo from Stofan on Facebook

Stofan Café – Vesturgata 3

What used to be a cute little antique store in the heart of Reykjavík is now an adorable, two story coffee house with the coziest chairs and sofas north of the Alps. The antique feel is preserved, making Stofan Café one of the most comfortable little spots to enjoy a coffee, hot chocolate or even cake (actually, the cake is a must) on a quiet Sunday afternoon. It’s also a fantastic place for a nice Thursday evening beer or five, with regular Pub Quizzes to keep you entertained.

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