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Gljúfrabúi: My New Favorite Waterfall

Everyone who travels the South Coast of Iceland stops by Seljalandsfoss. It is, after all, one our most famous waterfalls and possibly the most fun one to visit. You see, when you visit Seljalandsfoss you can actually walk behind it!

But fewer people know about Seljalandsfoss’ neighbor, Gljúfrabúi (meaning “canyon-dweller”). Partly because the other one is so famous and partly because Gljúfrabúi is hidden from sight!

SeljalandsfossThe Really Famous Waterfall
GljúfrabúiYour New Favourite Waterfall

When you have finished getting soaked from walking behind Seljalandsfoss, then you have to visit Gljúfrabúi. It’s located only 500 meters away and it is just as beautiful. You cannot walk behind it, but you can walk right up to it.

It’s located in a small canyon. To get to it you have to duck under a big rock and walk into what looks like a small cave. There you can get right under it. Be warned, this waterfall will get you soaked as well so bring your jacket.

It’s just the most amazing thing.


Want more than just the pictures? Our friend Ásgeir went to visit Gljúfrabúi and videotaped it. See what he has to say:

Make sure to ask your guide about Gljúfrabúi when you’re on the South Coast!

How do I get there? Well almost any trip to the south coast should take you to Seljalandsfoss, which is right next to Gljúfrabúi. If you go on a more exclusive trip with fewer people, such as the super jeep adventure tour, there’s likely to be more flexibility to add in this little detour. But we offer many tours to the south coast where you’re likely to catch a glimpse of the canyon-dweller, such as the snowmobile ride on a glacier, the glacier walk with or without pick up from Reykjavík, or even with a volcano hike thrown into the mix.

If you wanted even more adrenaline, you could go ice-climbing, again, with or without pick-up from the city – or for maximum flexibility you can just rent a car and drive yourself!

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