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iceland glacier

Going Into the Glacier: An ICE-COOL Experience

Just recently I got the chance of Going Into the Glacier, by a man-made tunnel inside the glacier Langjökull. One word: amazing.

We got picked up in Reykjavik at noon and headed to Húsafell by bus which took about an hour and a half, at which point we stopped for lunch. After a light meal, we hopped on board a MONSTER truck for about a 45 minute drive up the glacier. I had never been on a glacier before so I thought it was really cool, there was snow everywhere and you almost couldn’t see in which direction you were heading – everything looked the same. And this was in the end of May!

After the drive we went into the amazing man-made tunnel, which is one of the coolest thing I have done in my life; Cold and awesome! Clearly there has been a lot of work put into this. We stayed inside for about an hour, walked around and saw beautiful, enormous icicles, and a man-made ice chapel among other ‘icy’ things.


On the way back we stopped to see two waterfalls; Hraunfossar and Barnafoss which are spectacular marvels of nature. It was good to get out of the bus for a while before we headed back to town.

Into the glacier will be open in the summertime, and on the 20th of June there will be a rave party for 70 lucky people in connection with the Secret Solstice festival! If you’re not into raves you could also just go on a classic tour, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by that authentic, cold, Icelandic experience.

If you’d like to book the Into the Glacier Tour, please just send us an email and we’ll take care of it for you.

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