Golden Circle Tours

All the Golden Circle Tours we offer. Sightseeing, diving/snorkeling, snowmobiling and more, all while checking out Gullfoss, Geysir and Þingvellir in Iceland!

Coming to Iceland for the Golden Circle?

Why not check out some other tours too? Explore the South Coast of Iceland, walk on a glacier, ride on a snowmobile or in a Super-Jeep or see the magnificent Northen Lights! You can visit our tour selection or contact us, and we’ll help you find the perfect tours that fit your schedule while in Iceland!

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle Tours - Þingvellir


Þingvellir is a beautiful National Park and the site of the Icelandic Viking Parliament from the year 930 to 1798. It’s also one of the best places in the country to see the tectonic fissures, where the earth is splitting apart by an inch a year.


The Geysir Geothermal Area is where you can see an the erupting geyser Strokkur shooting water up 15-30 metres (50-100 feet) in the air every 8 minutes

The Golden Circle Tours - Geysir
The Golden Circle Tours - Gullfoss


The ‘Golden Waterfall,’ is one of the largest and most beautiful falls in Iceland, and one you can walk right up to. It has become a symbol for nature preservation, since the daughter of a local industrialist threatened to throw herself in the waterfall to keep it from being dammed.

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