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Harpa Reykjavik Iceland

Harpa – Contemporary Architecture defines Reykjavík waterfront

I recently had the chance to take a tour of Harpa, the newly constructed concert hall in Reykjavik, which puts its distinctive look on the waterfront with its unique glass design and nightly light shows.

Harpa Reykjavik Iceland
© Harpa

Inspired by Icelandic landscapes and traditions including natural phenomenon Hvítserkur, namely the way sea and sand surround and reflect off the majestic cliff – Harpa’s design took its current form.

Harpa was an interdisciplinary collaboration between Henning Larsen architects in Denmark, Icelandic architectural firm Batteríið and Danish/Icelandic artist Ólafur Elíasson. In 2013, the design won the esteemed Mies van der Rohe award for Contemporary Architecture.

Dan (catching up) - Hvitserkur
© Dan (catching up) @ Flickr

With Icelandic basalt rock within the building, Icelandic furniture designs chosen from a national competition, the magical glass facade and cutting edge acoustic properties, Harpa has become just as much of a national icon for the Icelandic culture scene as Hvítserkur is for nature enthusiasts.

The best part is that there are guided tours of Harpa everyday, enjoy!!!

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