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How to party in Reykjavík during Easter – Easter Weekend


Easter is here and that means this week’s Tuesday turned into a “Thursday” and Wednesday is our “Friday”. Makes perfect sense, yes. The reason is that this Thursday is a public holiday due to our “strong” believes in Jesus, same goes for this Friday and next Monday. So go Jesus go. Here is my recommendation for a night out in Reykjavík during Easter:


Saturday – April 4th

Most Icelanders relax on Saturday night after extensive partying. Bars close at 3am and you want to be fresh for next day for family dinner and chocolate Easter egg extravaganza. Wing happy hour at K-bar, then go to Kex and enjoy the free show with 5000 Jazz Assassins from New York City.

Easy Saturday. Sorry.

You can still do Kaffibarinn until 3am. Kaffibarinn. But please don’t go there wearing your fleece. When the summer hits us, locals stop going there because of the total amount of foreign visitors wearing fleece. Kaffibarinn.

Sunday – April 5th

Sunday is similar to Friday, but more restaurants are open. Order a table 2 days before at the Tapasbarinn and go there late. Enjoy their Sangrias and taste some Icelandic tapas. The kitchen usually closes at midnight and that’s when the bars open. Stick around at Tapasbarinn a little bit longer since it is not cool to be the first one to arrive at the bar. For Sunday night, I only have one recommendation, Húrra. Since this is the last night of Easter party, some people have already given up, but others who still have energy to party. In my experience, flock to two places when downtown Reykjavík nightlife is quite: Kaffibarinn and Húrra. Two very good DJs at both bars but this night, I prefer Húrra. Dance the night/Easter away and get lost.

Monday – April 6th

After waking up on some random couch in an after party, you give up trying to locate your missing sock and leave quietly to head down to Prikið and have yourself some hangover food since you haven’t eaten for 48 hours. You should either go for the Big Kahuna Burger that comes with a Five Dollar milkshake or go for the Hangover Killer, a hangover sandwich (no questions asked what is inside that) and a Bruce Willis shake that comes with a Treo painkiller tablet! Find your bed after this and get some proper sleep. You deserve it.


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