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How to party in Reykjavík during Easter – Friday


UPDATE: TONIGHT AT KAFFIBARINN IS A BORG-PARTY. DJ Housekell and DJ Ómar will make bump it out! Símon FKNHNDSM is at the lovely BRAVÓ.

Easter is here and that means this week’s Tuesday turned into a “Thursday” and Wednesday is our “Friday”. Makes perfect sense, yes. The reason is that this Thursday is a public holiday due to our “strong” believes in Jesus, same goes for this Friday and next Monday. So go Jesus go. Here is my recommendation for a night out in Reykjavík during Easter:


Friday – April 3rd

The day of rest. Well, until midnight (one exception), when the party kicks off. I’m just going to name few places that will be good this night and remember to drink harder and faster because you only have from midnight until 04:30.

Boston is the extension of the legendary Sirkus which was the hang out place for Björk, Sigur Rós, Pink Mustache Man, MÚM, Gabríela, etc, in the early noughties. The bar (it has nothing to do with the city of Boston!) is located on Laugavegur 28b, right next to the Backpackers Hostel. The man with the pink mustache, Maggi Lego, will be DJ-ing there and the best part of going there on that night is because it opens earlier. They have a restaurant license so go there at 10pm and start your night with Legowitch! However, it’s only open until 3am, so even more of a reason to go there early.

Friday night at American Bar will be dedicated to 90s hip hop and r&b + Beyoncé (of course). So if you don’t care about trying to be among the coolest kids in town and just want to drink and let loose, go there. The only true sports bar in Reykjavík.

Housekell is playing at Kaffibarinn. Everyone knows about Kaffibarinn. There is usually a long line at Kaffibarinn. Kaffibarinn. Kaffibarinn is cool. You are really cool if you don’t have to wait in line at Kaffibarinn. Kaffibarinn. Go at least once to Kaffibarinn while you are in Reykjavík. Kaffibarinn. Enjoy Kaffibarinn.

After this night, don’t hustle for an afterparty, I can tell you the truth, it is not worth it. You will regret it. Because, you still have Saturday and Sunday to go out. Just don’t. Rather, grab a late snack at one of the food trucks on Lækjartorg-Square; Bitabíllinn has some really sweaty burgers with cheeeese. Just ask the lady in the car for “the offer”. And you’ll sleep tight.


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