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How to party in Reykjavík during Easter – Thursday


Easter is here and that means this week’s Tuesday turned into a “Thursday” and Wednesday is our “Friday”. Makes perfect sense, yes. The reason is that this Thursday is a public holiday due to our “strong” believes in Jesus, same goes for this Friday and next Monday. So go Jesus go. Here is my recommendation for a night out in Reykjavík during Easter:


Thursday- April 2nd

I hope you don´t feel to hungover. Because this is the night that you can easily end up at some local house for a party after midnight. Everything closes at midnight, but there is a day off the next day and what do you do the night before a day off? Yes, correct, you djamma. Because djamm er snilld. So, find a bar that has the highest percentage of people living close to the downtown area and you might become lucky and get yourself invited to a house party.

Let’s start at a quite and beautiful concert at Mengi. On this day 1982 years ago Jesus Christ superstar christened his disciples and they sat down at a table together to sing and kiss. In memory of that which once was, Krist,Inanna will be playing and singing a collection of the songs from her repertoire that are dearest to her heart. Krist,Inanna—better known as Kría Brekkan—has recently finished recording the works she will be performing. She’s a gem. Starts at 9pm.

I’m sure many of the concert guests will then head towards Bar Ananas. It’s where the artsy locals and fun loving 101 peeps hang out for their sunny cocktails. Every night they have a 2 for 1 deal for a specific cocktail, as well as having a DJ spinning some sing-a-longs that you haven’t heard for ages. Erasure, Baltimora, etc. The only Tiki Bar in Reykjavík is a fun place to be on a night when nothing else is going on. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to follow somebody to a house party after closing at midnight.

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