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How to party in Reykjavík during Easter – Tuesday


It is Tuesday, and you would assume that the wait for next night out is the usual 5 weekdays. But you are wrong. Easter is around the corner and that means this Tuesday turns into a “Thursday” and Wednesday is our “Friday”. Makes perfect sense, yes. The reason is that this Thursday is a public holiday due to our “strong” believes in Jesus, same goes for this Friday and next Monday. So go Jesus go. Here is my recommendation how to party in Reykjavík during Easter :


Tuesday – March 31st

American Bar. We really love our national football team here in Iceland and today it was playing away against Estonia at 04pm. I need food after work as well as a ice cold beer. American Bar has cooled mugs and a burger joint inside their bar called Dirty Burgers and Ribs. After our complete moral victory over the Estonians I´ve had enough of simple beer and want something more particular.

Mikkeller and Friends bar is my next stop, it is on the corner of Ingólfstræti and Hverfisgata Street. When you enter the house you will find it upstairs from the unnamed pizzeria which is so hip they didn´t need to name it. The beer selection at the brand new Mikkeller and Friends will make you dizzy before you have a single sip, they have twenty types on tap among. We sample a a few here.

Kex Hostel. I think we are ready for some live music now and more vibrant atmosphere. The bar at the Kex Hostel is a local favourite. This Tuesday they have a local jazz band playing some excellent background music for us who likes to sit around the bar and discuss the sheep shaving competition that took place at that same bar last Saturday. Kex closes at 11pm and then you have to make the difficult choice of keep on going or just call it a night. Since easter has so many nights where you can party until late in the morning I head home after my last round at Kex.

Prepare for tomorrow’s shenanigans today with the next instalment of weekend update.

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