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How to party in Reykjavík during Easter – Wednesday


Easter is around the corner and that means this week’s Tuesday turns into a “Thursday” and Wednesday is our “Friday”. Makes perfect sense, yes. The reason is that this Thursday is a public holiday due to our “strong” believes in Jesus, same goes for this Friday and next Monday. So go Jesus go. Here is my recommendation for a night out in Reykjavík during Easter:


Wednesday – April 1st

In Iceland way say “djamm”. So the verb to “djamma” means to party. This is going to be that sorta night. But first, let´s have something to eat with our first drink.

Taco Bar. Just down a narrow alley from the main street, Laugavegur, is the newly opened Taco Barinn. Sunny and reasonably priced food that could satisfy your thirst for spices if you wish. My choice of taco is the chill-garlic shrimp with flash-fried kale, guacamole and mango sauce. Delicious. I wash it down with a Corona and a Viking Vacation Margarita. Full and jolly it’s time to head down towards Kvosin-area to Reykjavík’s prime live music venue, Húrra.

At 9pm Húrra is hosting a special Easter concert with the British psychedelic folk-pop group GRUMBLING FUR. The concert will be their debut performance in Iceland and they will be supported by the Icelandic artist SING FANG. Make sure you’re there 20 minutes before 09pm to catch Húrra´s happy hour which ends at 09pm! The concert will probably last a little bit through midnight and then one of Reykjavík’s finest DJs, DJ Óli Dóri, takes the stage. You could easily spent all night there, and if so, I recommend buying a beer-card at the bar, that should save you few bucks. Me, I like to wander, so I guess I’ll be going from Húrra down to Dollý (just few steps down the street from Húrra) after the concert.

Dollý. Wednesday night at Dollý will represent two dynamic duos on both floors. Upstairs Sexítæm (sexy time) will be playing commercial house and whatever pop/r&b songs they want to hear. On the main floor, two girls that call themselves DJ Cinnamon tapes (Kanilsnældur), will be thumping some house and techno tunes. Bars and clubs open until 04:30!

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