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Icelandic Beer Experience

How to Party in Reykjavík in July: What’s On Weekend Update

Icelandic Beer Experience

Saturday – July 4th

First of all: happy birthday America! ‘Murica!! Iceland is almost a thousand years older than America. And Yet nobody remembers our birthday (It’s June 17th).

American Bar is throwing a special birthday party all day. Live music all day: Bangoura Band, DJ Peter Pan, Outside BBQ, Beer – Run, Hamburger Eating Contest

KEX Hostel / KEX Country Festival.
Country music is from America we hear, so it’s appropriate that it’s been a big country music festival at KEX since Thursday, finishing with a big country party on Saturday the 4th, starting at 8:30 PM. Playing will be the Kex Country All Stars, which must be pretty cool, whoever they are. There is a cover at the door.

Gaukurinn – The Gauk / 4LIVE Music: Máni Orrason, Vio and Avóka.

  • Máni Orrason: Máni can best be described as a old-school folk-rock multi-instrumentalist with a current twist.
  • Vio: Their style is a back-to-basics trio of guitar, keyboard and drums, which they use to produce alternative rock, while at the same time fighting the urge not to become middle of the road.
  • Avóka is an ambient pop group.

Small cover charge probably. Begins 09:00 pm.

Mengi / LIVE Music: Brumes & Just Another Snake Cult
Brumes, from Portland, Oregon. is a trio performing ambient, experimental songs orchestrated in an atmospheric affair. Just Another Snake Cult is an award-winning, eclectic, lo-fi, psychedelic pop project. Þórir plays a cornucopia of instruments, augmented by computer processing and playback, accompanied by Helga Jónsdóttir on cello and synthesizer and often Pétur Eggertsson on violin. Small cover charge probably. Begins at 9 pm.

Every Monday

Húrra Bar / HúrraJazz every Monday: July 6th, 13th, 20th and 28th
HúrraJazz is a weekly jazz concert and they start every Monday at 9:30 PM. Free entry.

Every Tuesday

Kex Hostel / KexJazz every Tuesday: July 7th, 14th, 21st and 29th
KexJazz is a weekly jazz concert at Kex Hostel and they start every Tuesday at 8:30 PM. Free entry.

Tuesday – July 7th

Húrra Bar / LIVE MUSIC: Útidúr & Indriði.
Útidúr accompanied by Indriði.  Útidúr were called the ‘Beirut of Iceland’ in their early days, and not without a reason. Their songs are exceptionally entertaining and well-executed on stage. Doors open at 08:00 pm. Cover is only 1000 ISK.

Wednesday – July 8th

Kex Hostel /  LIVE MUSIC: Grísalappalísa.
Grísalappalísa is a seven-piece pop outfit from Reykjavík, Iceland. Armed with razor-sharp lyrics and block rockin’ beats, Grísalappalísa’s shows and musical output are second to none. Free entry, starts 09:30 pm.

Thursday – July 9th

We sometimes call Thursday “Little Friday” and this week you can see why: there’s a LOT going on.

Gamla bíó / LIVE MUSIC: Mammút & Samaris.
The Icelandic bands MAMMÚT and SAMARIS will join forces on the 9th of July in the old theater, GAMLA BÍÓ, Ingólfsstræti 2a, 101 RVK. A visual experience will take place while the bands will interfere with each others’ music. The bands promise to put on a spectacular show! Mammút is a powerhouse on stage, delivering series of searing post-punk songs that are splendidly fractured and neurotic. Samaris got quick recognition in their home country for their original sound. The trio mix glacial electronica and pulse-like beats with haunting chanted vocals – the lyrics culled from nineteenth century Icelandic poems. The overall effect is simultaneously ancient and modern – a sensual sound filled with dark spaces and alien atmosphere. The two bands have been considered the most fresh and moving live acts from Iceland. 3900 ISK. Doors open at 20:00. Concert starts at 21:00

Kex Hostel / LIVE MUSIC / ART: Parabólur.
Parabolur are percussionists Sigtryggur Baldursson (from the Sugarcubes), Steingrímur Guðmundsson and electronic experimentalist Kippi Kaninus (from Amiina). They will perform on giant drums called parabola, constructed out of radar antenna covers. Free entry, starts 09:00 pm.

Boston Reykjavík Bar / LIVE Music: NOLO.
A Gary Numan-reminiscent prolific synth-pop duo from Iceland. Their sound is characterized by mystical yet beauteous. FREE ENTRY, starts at 09:00 pm.

Saturday – July 11th

Gamla bíó / LIVE MUSIC: Kaleo
Kaleo is an indie-pop band which took Iceland by storm when they appeared in the “Music Tryouts” competition in 2012. This concert will follow the publication of their newest album, after touring in the USA. Featured will be some of their new music, as well as their more established hits. Their sound has been described as folk/’classic-rock’ – don’t miss this great opportunity to experience modern Icelandic music. 4990 ISK. Doors open at 08:00 pm. 

Boston Reykjavík Bar / LIVE Music: Asonat.

Asonat’s music seems to come directly from the Icelandic glaciers. It’s soft, peaceful, soothing. Like floating on a cloud. FREE ENTRY, starts at 09:00 pm.

Thursday – July 16th

Laugardalshöll / PARTY: Snoop Dogg.
Rap legend Snoop Dogg is coming to Iceland to throw a party under his alias DJ Snoopadelic. As “Snoopadelic,” he tours the world and throws awesome parties, spinning some of his favourite records and performing some of his own hits. The Laugardalshöll arena will be transformed into a giant club, with Snoop MCing DJing and rapping with dancers and a 3-hour show. 8990 ISK. Doors open at 08:00 pm.

Saturday – July 18th

FREE ENTRANCE.  From lunch to midnight  LIVE LOCAL BANDS.

Thursday – July 23rd

Boston Reykjavík Bar / LIVE music: LOJI.
Loji is an artist from Reykjavik. His emotional songs touch the core of our being.  FREE ENTRY, starts at 09:00 pm.

Húrra Bar / LIVE MUSIC: Grísalappalísa.
Can you tell that I am a fan? Grísalappalísa is STILL a seven-piece pop outfit from Reykjavik, Iceland. On this day, they will ALSO be armed with razor-sharp lyrics and block rockin’ beats, and their shows and musical output are STILL second to none. Small cover charge probably.  Begins around 09:00 pm.

Thursday – July 25th

Kex Hostel / LIVE MUSIC.
Konukot (Women’s Shelter) outdoor fundraising concert.

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