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How to See the 2023 Volcano Eruption in Iceland?

The latest volcanic eruption in Reykjanes started on 10 July (the third one in three years) but the area has been closed to the public for the most part since then due to vegetation fires (wildfires), toxic fumes and smoke. Fire departments have been working hard to put out the fires in the past days with some success. In the first 2-3 days after the eruption started, guided tours to the area already started before the area closed a few days into the event. Today (17 July) in the early afternoon, the authorities opened the area again to the public. Below are two tours by air and two for hikers that we recommend. But first some safety advice:

  • Do not approach the lava flow or walk on new lava formations
  • Stay on marked trails
  • Be aware of toxic gas emissions and wind direction
  • Dress according to weather conditions
  • Take a look at the latest guidelines from local authorities and consult

The Reykjanes peninsula is located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a geologically active area. This brings a risk of earthquakes and other seismic activity in the region.

This volcano helicopter tour from Reykjavík allows you to view the eruption site from a bird’s eye, see the beautiful colors and vast craters. The total duration of the tour is around 40 minutes. There is no landing at the eruption site.

This airplane tour from Reykjavík airport takes you to the Reykjanes eruption in a tour that takes around an hour. The big windows allow for a great view of the liquid lava spewing out from the crater and the contrasting colors of the area.

This is a moderate to hard hiking tour through a route of rough terrain of 20 km (12.5 miles) to the eruption site by Mt. Litli Hrútur and takes 5-6 hours.  It is not suitable for people with health conditions such as bad knees, poor stamina or lung issues. Dress in good outdoor clothing and sturdy hiking boots.

This is a difficult hike and not allowed for children under 14 at this time. Proper hiking shoes and food for the journey is required. Included in the tour is the transfer from Reykjavík, blankets and hot chocolate or tea. Dress according to weather conditions.

The eruption is ongoing and conditions can always change on short notice. Iceland Review has more details on the event and covers two of the most common questions related to it:

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