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Ice Cave in Langjökull glacier iceland

Ice Cave in Langjökull

Work is currently underway  to excavate an Ice Cave in the second largest glacier in the world, Langjökull, in the west of Iceland. Progress is currently about 5 m. (15 ft) per day and has already reached as far as 40 meters (130 ft.) using a specialized glacial excavator.

Scheduled to open in May 2015, the finished product will be about 2-300 m. in length (6-900 ft) and reach a depth of about 30 m. (100 ft) at its deepest point. It will incorporate such facilities as an Ice Bar, a Chapel, a Glacier Documentary Theater and even an underground lake! The decorative focus will be on the mystery of the ice, with minimal lighting and simple shapes, and as far as possible all the furniture will be carved from ice, in addition to decorative ice sculptures.

Langjökull is in the western highlands so it will be easy to combine a trip to the IceCave with a classic Golden Circle tour, and there are already snowmobiling excursions on Langjökull, which will then easily incorporate it as well. It will also be simple enough to take a specific day tour from Reykjavik in the fullness of time.

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