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Iceland Airwaves Saturday Night


How great was last night?

It took a while to recover from that insane Friday night. But the town was bustling with energy so there was no way I was going to stay at home.

Iceland Airwaves Saturday Night

This weekend has been all about hip hop and yesterday was no exception. I saw Herra Hnetusmjör (Mr. Peanut Butter) and was pleasantly surprised by another brand new band called Auður. You should keep an open ear for this guy.

Slippbarinn was the next destination to see Úlfur Úlfur and Emmsjé Gauti. Yeah I know I‘ve seen them like 3 times this weekend but that‘s where everything was happening. Also, kudos to Icelandair for all the Brennivin!

Alright, about last night. There are three things I want to talk about from last night.


Alright, about last night. There are three things I want to talk about from last night.

  1. Is there anyone out there who isn‘t blown away with Vök? Over the past months they have grown into one of my favorite bands. Their live performance is so tight and the sound is so smooth. I have a feeling they are the next big thing to come out of Iceland. Their show at Nasa was just as good as the one on Wednesday and there is one more tonight. Don‘t miss it.
  2. East India Youth is awesome. He was very cool on stage, playing the synths, electric guitar, DJ-ing on his lap top and singing all at the same time. I‘ve listened to his albums a little bit and I had no idea his live performance was this good. Definitely a stand out.
  3. Can we talk a little bit about GusGus? They are one of the best performers of electronic music that I‘ve seen. Silfurberg was packed with people, the lights complemented the music perfectly and the bass was thumping in everyone‘s chest. But why aren‘t you dancing? Come on people it‘s Saturday night! GusGus gets an A+ grade in my books, the crowd only C-.

Tonight is the final show of the weekend. You‘ll find me in the crowd singing „over and over and over and over“. See you there!

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