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Spend a Day at Iceland’s Exclusive Spas

If you’re planning to come to Iceland, you will be pleased to hear that Iceland has some of the best spas in the world. Of these spas, the Blue Lagoon is the most famous, known for its milky-blue water and skin-healing properties.

But Iceland has a lot more to offer than the Blue Lagoon. What do you think of a beer spa or a seaweed bath? In this article, we will tell you more about Iceland’s exclusive spas.

World Class

Laugar Spa

Want to relax during your holiday? Laugar Spa is a wellness centre for your whole family. Their outdoor and indoor thermal pools, beauty and massage clinic and unique fitness centre combined with a luxury spa will help you breeze into a wonderful and relaxing holiday.  

Laugar is the country‘s largest health centre establishment. Their philosophy is that everyone should be able to find a leisure activity to fit their needs. At Laugar, you can mix and match your own personalized leisure programme, afterwards, you will feel so much better in both body and soul.

In Laugar Spa you enter an aquatic haven. Six different saunas and steam rooms are available, each one with a different theme. You can experience the sounds of nature and a starry night sky and inhale different aromas.  You can soothe tired limbs in a Thalasso therapy Jacuzzi, rejuvenate tired feet in a special foot bath, switch between hot and cold showers in special cubicles or enjoy delicious food and drink in one of the three restaurants on the premises.

Laugar Spa is also a beauty and massage salon where professionals ensure that guests get good service and excellent relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  They use products from Guerlain and Comfort Zone, which are well known throughout the world. The treatments on offer present a combination of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, mixed with the benefits of nature. 

The Beer Spa
Photo: The Beer Spa

The Beer Spa

In Árskógssandur, a small community in North Iceland, you will find Bjórböðin, or the Beer Spa. At the spa, you can soak in a tub filled with beer, hops, yeast and water. This mixture is soothing and healing for the skin.

Next to every tub, is a beer draught, and everybody over 20 can get themselves a beer during bathing. The water in the tub itself is undrinkable.

Afterwards, you go to a relaxation room for 25 minutes and you come out of the Beer Spa completely relaxed and revived. The Beer Spa has seven baths, suitable for 7-14 people at a time.

Who would have thought that beer would go from being illegal to being part of a rejuvenating health spa?!

Krauma Geothermal Spa in Iceland
Photo: Krauma


Krauma is a natural geothermal spa next to Deildartunguhver, Europe’s most powerful hot spring. It’s located in West Iceland, in the valley Reykholtsdalur.

Krauma is open year-round and has space for 140 guests. It has five hot tubs and one cold bath, a relaxation room and two steam baths. The perfect water temperature is reached by mixing glacial water with water from the hot spring.

When you’re in the pool, you can order drinks that are brought to you straight in the hot tubs. If you’re longing for a bite to eat after bathing, there’s also a restaurant.

It’s a good alternative to the often fully booked Blue Lagoon, Mývatn Nature Baths and Fontana Spa.

Secret Lagoon
Photo: Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon is a natural spa in Flúðir, a small town in South Iceland. The Secret Lagoon is actually one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland, but it has been revamped.

It’s situated in a geothermal area with plenty of hot water streaming naturally from the ground and steam rising into the air around you. The beautiful location really lets you feel at one with Icelandic nature.

Book your tour to the Secret Lagoon here.

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