Who is Björk and what does she do? 

Björk is an international music icon! She’s been singing professionally in Iceland since the 70’s, won international fame in the 80’s as the frontwoman of alternative rock band The Sugarcubes and embarked on an impressively successful solo career in the 90’s. Since then she’s been consistently blowing our minds with new music and creative thinking.

"Before she set off on her own solo career, Björk screamed into the mic for Icelandic punk band The Sugarcubes." Take a look at Iceland Review's cover from 1988. 
Iceland Explained - Björk

Why does everyone love Björk so much? 

It’s hard to say, really. Björk’s been swimming against the stream all her career. From her appearance in alternative music-scene documentary Rokk í Reykjavík to her infamous Oscars swan dress and just recently, her turn as a mask-clad environmental activist, her sincere otherness has managed to charm audiences the world over. She epitomizes the romantic ideal of Icelanders as quirky, otherworldly creatures and people love her for it.

How can I meet her? 

There are no promises, but try hanging around Kaffibarinn or other hip bars in downtown Reykjavík. You never know who might walk in.

Also, allow us to explain to you what Alþingi is. 

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