What is the Blue Lagoon? 

The blue lagoon is many things: A luxurious spa with waters that reportedly have healing benefits, Iceland’s most visited tourist attraction and, perhaps surprisingly, an opportunistic use of an environmental disaster.

Iceland Explained - Blue Lagoon

Why should I go to the Blue Lagoon? 

The water, which is pumped from 2000 meters underneath the surface, is naturally rich in silica, algae and minerals and should make your skin feel baby-smooth. The lagoon’s environment, with the black lava rock sharply contrasting the turquoise blue of the water, is stunningly beautiful and soaking in the 38°C water is a sumptuous experience. Plus, coming to Iceland and not going to the Blue Lagoon is like going to Paris and not stopping by the Eiffel tower.

Tours that include admission to the Blue Lagoon.

How was the Blue Lagoon made? 

The Blue Lagoon’s origins were actually a happy accident. The Svartsengi power plant started producing energy from geothermal heat by pumping extremely hot groundwater from the earth in 1971. The surplus water formed a lagoon that just happened to have the perfect temperature for bathing. As an added bonus, the naturally occurring chemicals in the water also happened to be very good for the skin.

For a more in-depth look, check out our Blue Lagoon Guide.
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